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June 2 - June 4, 2023

The 2023 Frontier Days Festival will take place June 2nd - June 4th.  This will be our 51st year of celebrating Carson City Frontier Days.

We are very excited to continue the tradition of Frontier Days in Carson City.  It is a great way to kick off the summer as well as show off all the special things our small town has to offer.

Since the beginning, Carson City Frontier Days has celebrated with Country Western shows, rodeos, magic shows, canoe races, tractor pulls, carnival rides, parades, picnics, dances, hot air balloons and pageants.

Although Frontier Days has changed over the years, one thing remains. It is a time for friends, family, and neighbors to come together to celebrate the joys of living in a small town.

As we plan for the 2023 festival, we strive to give our festival-goers a combination of traditional activities as well as new ones.  If you are interested in helping to plan for the festival or give back to the community by volunteering during the festival weekend, please contact us using our contact page and we will reach out to you!  All are welcome around the table!

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and this website for updated information on the festival.

Janette Kipp, Tami Tasker, Whitney LaVictor, Brenda Abbott, Shelly LaVictor,  and Amy Tasker Carson City Frontier Days, Inc.

  • 003 Hot Air Baloon Flying
    Hot Air Balloon Shoot-Out

    18th Annual Competitive Event

  • 001 King
    Who is the next Queen?

    Show your community spirit & submit your application today.

  • 005 Basket
    Community Picnic

    A great Frontier Days tradition

Come Join the Fun!

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    Family Friendly Entertainment

  • 010 Sewing
    Calling All Crafters

    Apply for a table and sell your wares.  Or, come down to shop.

  • 012 Marching
    Everyone Loves a Parade!

    Buckaroo and Grand Parades


Years of Carson City


Frontier Days Celebrations


Years of the Hot Air Balloon



Balloon Flights

When It All Began

In 1972, a group of Carson City residents met to discuss an idea. That idea was brought to the group as a fun weekend, much like the Centennial celebration Carson City hosted in 1967.

Those who have lived in Carson City for a number of years remembered with fondness the Dairyland picnics. At that event, and at the Centennial, there were contests, parades, and entertainment. Those were the days that Carson City residents came together for an enjoyable time. Since Carson City has long been associated with its namesake in Nevada, a western themed celebration seemed logical. With representatives from various organizations and interested volunteers, plans began for an annual event to bring Carson City residents together. The first Frontier Days was held in 1972. Over the years, residents of the area have enjoyed Country Western shows, a magic show, community picnics, queen pageants, hot air balloons, talent shows, rodeos, flea markets, canoe races, tractor pulls, sidewalk sales, carnival rides, dances, and entertainment of all kinds!

Although Frontier Days has changed over the years, one thing remains. It is a time for friends, family, and neighbors to come together to celebrate the joys of living in a small town.

Thank you to that first group of individuals for starting such a great community celebration!

2023 carson city logo high res 15x15

So Much To Do

  • 003 Hot Air Baloon Flying
    Watch Balloon Race
  • Enjoy Family Friendly Entertaiment
  • 013 Bearer
    Watch a parade
  • 007 Craft
    Craft Show



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