There are many types of hot air balloon events held across the country, and internationally as well. We are very fortunate to be able to host the Hot Air Balloon Shoot-Out. This year will be the 16th annual competitive event. The event will begin the evening of June 4th and conclude the morning of June 6th.

We will be hosting 15 hot air balloon pilots as we come together to celebrate what is great about ballooning.  This group of visitors are a tight knit community that have welcomed many Carson City residents into their 'family' as crew members as well as future pilots. We extend a very warm welcome to our visitors and are looking forward to making more memories.

The evening balloon flights will launch from the centrally located site behind Carson City-Crystal High School. The morning flights will be held in the early hours on Saturday and Sunday. All of our pilots will meet for a weather and safety briefing, and then set off for launch sites throughout the surrounding area.  Planning is critical for these flights. These are normally multiple task flights as they fly from target to target dropping a baggie in hopes of being the closest to target. It is amazing to watch the pilots maneuver their balloon toward the target.

Points are awarded to pilots according to how close a pilot's 'baggie' lands near the center of the 'X'. It is very important to remember that as spectators, everyone must stay at least 500 feet away from each target. Safety of our participants is extremely important.

Bring your lawn chair and/or blanket to enjoy the view of the beautiful balloons as they take flight. Come on out to watch the launches and glows, children young and old are certain to have a WONDERFUL time! As always, we will have a DJ and an announcer to make your experience fun and exciting.


Join us while we "Glow"! A fun and exciting way to end a nice evening of flying, is topped off with a "Glow" at the launch site. We are pleased to offer a 'Glow' both Friday and Saturday evenings.

On Friday evening after the flight, half of our pilots will take the field again, located at Carson City-Crystal High School, and inflate their balloon ‘envelopes’, to show the crowd how they "glow" and "twinkle glow".  In exactly the same manner on Saturday evening, the other half of our pilot roster will take the field for the same type of 'glow'. So, if you didn’t see your favorite balloon Friday night, come back on Saturday night to see if 'your' balloon will be glowing among the crowd. Our local announcer will be 'conducting' the evenings and will need your help in making this event a success.

Glow Night

The Pilots

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Pilot Shawn Raya


Sponsor:  Donohue Dentistry

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Pilot Bill Sterner

God's Promise


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Pilot James Mitchell

I'm Back!

Sponsor:  Spicer Group, Inc

IMG 4108
Pilot Jeff Pestun

Good Grief Allison

Sponsor:  R.H. Wiles Sales, Inc. and Choice One Insurance Agency

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Pilot Steve Mitchell

Old Cat


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Pilot Rick Kerber

Michigan Cat

Sponsor:  Betty Kellenberger, County Commissioner District 3

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Pilot Larry Coan


Sponsor:  The Boyer Club of the Carson City Correctional Facility

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Pilot Janet Lutkus

Goodnight Gracie

Sponsor:  The Butler Family

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Pilot Mark Enszer


Sponsor:  Gage Electric, LLC

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Pilot DJ Wertman


Sponsor:  Carson City Parts Plus

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Pilot Wes Dickerson

Fore II



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Pilot Derrick Jones

Reflections II

Sponsor:  All Seasons Insurance Agency

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Pilot Tom Brown


Sponsor:  Lux & Schnepp Funeral Home and Hammond Wholesale, Inc.

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Cameron Wall

Summer Saver

Sponsor:  Schrock Roofing & Construction

2020 Carson City Logo High Res 5x5 Facebook
2020 Carson City Logo High Res 5x5 Facebook

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